Terms And Conditions

1.1. These Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase of Goods (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”) are a binding legal document for the parties, which sets out the rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller, the conditions for the purchase, payment and delivery of the Goods, the parties’ liability, and any other provisions relating to the purchase of the Goods in the www.jukku.lt e-shop (hereinafter the “Shop”).
1.2. The contract between the Buyer and the Seller is considered as being concluded when the Buyer accepts the rules of the shop (it is done by checking the box indicating that you accept the rules of www.jukku.lt when purchasing goods).
1.3. The Seller reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the Rules at any time, taking into account the requirements established by law.

2.1. Any information that is related to personal data and that is recorded in the Store is considered confidential and non-public.

3.1. The Buyer has the right to purchase goods in the Store in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules.
3.2. The Buyer must pay for the goods and accept them in accordance with these Rules.
3.3. The Buyer undertakes to provide full, complete and correct information on the Billing Form. If the Buyer provides inaccurate, false or misleading information on the Billing Form, www.jukku.lt has the right to cancel the Buyer’s registration and delete the data.
3.4. In the event of a change in the Buyer’s details on the Purchase Form, the Buyer must inform the Seller immediately.
3.5. The Buyer shall have the right to withdraw from the contract for the purchase and sale of goods concluded with the Seller by notifying the Seller in writing (by e-mail, indicating the product to be returned and the order number of the product to be returned) at the latest within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of conclusion of this contract.
3.6. The Buyer may exercise the right provided for in clause 3.5 only if the goods have not been damaged by the Buyer or substantially altered in appearance and have not been used.
3.7. The Buyer must comply with other requirements established in the Rules and the legal acts of the Lithuanian Resuscitation.

4.1. The Seller undertakes to provide all the conditions for the Buyer to make proper use of the services provided by the e-shop www.jukku.lt.
4.2. If the Buyer attempts to undermine the stability and security of the operation of the Shop or violates his/her obligations, the Seller shall have the right to restrict or suspend the Buyer’s access to the Shop or, in exceptional cases, cancel the Buyer’s registration, immediately and without notice.
4.3. The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer’s right to privacy with regard to the Buyer’s personal information contained in the Purchase Form and not to disclose it to any third party.
4.4. The Seller has the right to cancel the Buyer’s order (after informing the Buyer) if the Buyer fails to pay for the goods within 5 working days.
4.5. The Seller undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer to the address specified by the Buyer.
4.6. If the Seller, due to important circumstances, is unable to deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer on time and the Buyer refuses to wait an additional specified period of time, the Seller undertakes to offer an analogous or, as far as possible, a similar product. If the Buyer refuses to accept an analogous or most similar product, the Seller undertakes to refund the money paid by the Buyer within 5 (five) working days, if prepayment has been made.

5.1.The prices of the goods in the Store and in the formed order are indicated in euros
5.2. The Buyer shall pay for the Goods by electronic banking, which is a prepayment through the Buyer’s electronic banking system. In order to use this form of payment, the Buyer must have signed an e-banking agreement with one of the banks listed on our website. When paying for the goods in this way, the Buyer’s e-banking system generates a payment according to the order he/she is paying for. The responsibility for data security in this case lies with the respective bank, as all monetary transactions take place in the bank’s electronic banking system.
5.3. The Buyer undertakes to pay before collecting the goods. The calculation of the delivery period and the formation of the shipment shall commence only when the purchase is paid.

6.1. The Buyer, by selecting the delivery service at the time of ordering, undertakes to provide the exact delivery address, postal code, exact contact telephone number and other additional information (staircase code, etc.).
6.2. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that the Buyer is unable to accept the goods himself and the goods are delivered to the specified address, the Buyer shall not have the right to make claims to the Seller regarding the delivery of the goods to the wrong entity.
6.3. Goods shall be delivered by the Seller or by his authorised representative (postal or courier service).
6.4. The Buyer undertakes to accept the Goods at the time of delivery specified by the carriers. In the event of non-acceptance and/or non-collection by the Buyer, the consignment shall be redelivered. The Seller shall be entitled to charge the Buyer for the re-deliveries if these re-deliveries result in additional costs.
6.5. The Seller shall deliver the Goods to the Buyer in accordance with the terms set out in the descriptions of the Goods. In exceptional cases, delivery of the Goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. In such a case, the Seller undertakes to contact the Buyer immediately to agree the terms of delivery.
6.6. The Seller shall be exempt from liability for breach of the time limits for delivery of the goods if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer or are not delivered on time due to the Buyer’s fault or due to circumstances beyond the Seller’s control.
6.7. If the Buyer notices any damage to the packaging at the time of delivery, the Buyer must make a note of the damage on the delivery note provided by the courier, or draw up a separate report of the damage. The Buyer must do so in the presence of the courier. Failure to do so shall exempt the Seller from liability to the Buyer in respect of any damage to the goods in relation to damage to the packaging not noted by the Buyer in the courier’s delivery note.
6.8. In the event that the Buyer withdraws from the Sale and Purchase Agreement pursuant to Clause 3.5 of the Terms and Conditions, the Buyer shall be obliged to pay all direct costs of returning the goods to the Seller.
6.9. The Buyer may not change the delivery address at his/her discretion once the shipment has been dispatched. If the delivery address is changed by personal consultation with the courier or other delivery service, the Seller shall not be liable for compliance with the delivery deadline and shall be entitled to charge the Buyer for additional costs incurred due to the customer’s arbitrary change of the delivery address once the parcel has been shipped. The costs incurred may be covered by an additional invoice to the Buyer or deducted from the amount of the returned goods.
6.10. More detailed information regarding delivery is available on the Shop’s website (see Information – Delivery Terms).

7.1. If the Buyer changes his mind, the product may be returned to the Seller without giving a reason for the return. The Seller has the right to refuse to accept goods of the appropriate quality listed in Clause 17 of the Retail Rules, as well as goods sent to the Buyer by individual order.
7.2. In order to return the goods, the Buyer must inform the Seller by submitting a request for the return of the goods, stating the reasons and enclosing the proof of payment and submitting them with returned goods.
7.3. Items can be returned within 14 days from the date you received the items. If the end of the repayment period coincides with a non-working day, it shall be extended to the nearest working day.
7.4. The cost of returning the product is paid by the Buyer.
7.5. The money for the goods will be returned to the Buyer within 14 days from the statement of cancellation of the purchase, but the refund may be delayed if the returned goods or proof that they have been shipped.

7.6. The following conditions must be complied when returning goods to the Buyer:
7.6.1 Returned goods must be in their original packaging and in good condition.
7.6.2. the goods must be undamaged and unused.
7.6.3. The goods must not have lost their commercial appearance (labels intact, protective film intact, etc.); this does not apply when returning low-quality goods.
7.6.4. The returned goods must be of the same assembly as received by the Buyer.
7.7. In all cases of return, the buyer must first contact MB JUKKU HOME via the contact details and only after receiving information from the company’s employee to proceed with the return.
7.8 If the Buyer returns the product purchased at a discount, the amount paid for the product with a valid discount is refunded.
7.9 In the event of a return of the wrong goods or goods of poor quality, the Seller undertakes to take back such goods and replace them with suitable or good quality goods. In the event that the Seller does not have suitable or quality goods or the Buyer does not wish to receive such goods, the amount paid shall be refunded.
7.10. The Seller shall have the right not to accept the Buyer’s returns if the Buyer fails to comply with the return procedure set out in this Article.

8.1. The buyer is fully responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the registration form. If the Buyer does not provide accurate data in the registration form, the Seller is not responsible for the consequences of such actions.
8.2. The buyer is responsible for transferring his login details to third parties. If the services provided by the Store are used by a third party who has logged in to the Store using the login details of the Buyer, the Seller shall consider this person as the Buyer.
8.3. The Seller is released from any liability in cases where the Buyer suffers a loss due to the fact that, despite the Seller’s recommendations and its obligations, he did not read these Rules, even though he was given such an opportunity.
8.4. If the Seller’s Store contains links to the websites of other companies, institutions, organisations or persons, the Seller is not responsible for the information or activities performed there, does not maintain, control and does not represent those companies and persons.
8.5. In the event of damage, the guilty party compensates the other party for the direct damage.
8.6. The Seller is not responsible for the fact that the goods displayed in the e-shop do not correspond in their colour, shape or other parameters to the actual size, shape and colour of the goods due to the characteristics of the computer equipment used by the Buyer.

9.1. These rules have been drawn up in accordance with the applicable legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
9.2. The law of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to the relations arising on the basis of these rules.
9.3. All disputes arising out of the application of these rules shall be settled by negotiation. If no agreement is reached, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
If you have any questions, please contact info@jukku.lt